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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fargo Printing: 2007 American Psychological Association Say's

Fargo Print Advertising Works

Print advertising is one of the many vehicles for getting your message to your target audience. It is also one of the most frequently used methods and has proven to be quite effective. To be effective, an ad must arouse readers in some way and create a desire to be "proactive." This means that it must prompt readers to call, email, go to a destination such as a website, make a purchase, or take some other action.

Print advertising works because readers see the product and can read your promotional message. All of the information readers need to place an order or to get more information, such as phone, fax, email address and point of contact, is included within the body of the ad.

So now that you've decided to place a print advertisement, what else can you do to increase visibility and sales? In other words, how can you get a good return on your print advertising investment (ROI)? Read on for some useful and effective tips.

There are several things you must consider when developing your ad.

What do you want your ad to do? In other words, what is the primary goal of the ad. You must determine whether the purpose is to introduce your company or product, generate sales for a time-sensitive product, elicit a response to a question, or prompt the reader to request a free sample.

Who is your target market and where will you find them? In order for an ad to be effective, it must be directed to and read by your target market. If you publish psychological tests, your market would be psychologists, clinicians, and other mental health professionals who utilize these tests in their daily work. So how do you find publications that are read by the target market you wish to reach? If you are promoting a new product or service, you may use the Web to search for publications or related media that this special group uses. You can also conduct research or hire a consultant to help you find your niche. Another area to explore is special trade associations that your audience may be members of. These organizations often have publications that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their members.

What does your target market read? Once you've narrowed down your target audience, you must decide where you want to place your ad. Magazines, newspapers, trade publications or flyers are commonly used print publications. However, where you decide to place your print ad will depend on the product or service you are marketing. If you are promoting a new medical device, you will want to place your ad in publications widely-read by those in the medical or healthcare profession.

How much do you spend on your print campaign? This may be one of the biggest questions you may have. Determining how much you will spend will also be largely influenced by your budget for the promotion and whether you are planning other advertising to support your print campaign. Some considerations in determining how much to spend include: your reach or the number of people in your primary market; narrowing down the primary publications read by your audience; and the actual cost to run an advertisement in these publications. Many publications offer various sizes, such as a 1/6 page, 1/2 page or full page, which can accommodate your budget. Of course, the larger the ad size, the greater the visibility you will have. But this does not mean a smaller ad will go unnoticed. With good design and typography and a strong direct message, a small ad can have significant impact. Other factors to consider when determining how much to spend on the campaign are: ad placement and color. Premium placement and the use of color will increase your response rate.

When should you advertise and in which issues? Another thing to consider is when is the most likely time your target market would read about your product in the publication. Also, the frequency of the publication is another important consideration. The more people see and read your product, the more familiar they will be, which will result in greater sales generated. If the publication reaches your primary market, then you should consider expanding your budget to allow the print ad to run at least at a three-time frequency.

What do I put in the ad? When designing the ad, be sure to include a graphic or headline that would catch the eyes of readers and hold their attention. There must be something about your product or service that would capture the imagination and interest of the reader. It could be something very new; an improvement over a past performance; a special "promotional" price; a health benefit; a less costly version of a product; etc.

What other variables should be considered? Wherever you decide to advertise, timing is most important! A special issue of a magazine or journal will draw more readers, increasing your exposure. You may also want to consider the months in which you advertise. If you have time-sensitive products or services, they should be promoted a month or two before your targeted response deadline. Conferences and workshops should be advertised well in advance of the event, so people can plan ahead.

Print advertising works. Understanding advertising basics will help you get the exposure and sales you planned. By following these guidelines, you will be on your way to getting a good ROI. ◙ is an online printing market that offers businesses and professionals complete e-commerce services to independently create and sell a wide variety of products, and unique merchandise. was launched online by a local group of business professionals, no other specifics were given. The group said in a press release, they started the online printing market after they collectively saw an increase in their print and design orders outside the Fargo-Moorhead area. The printing and design site allows the group to offer their services to anyone with online capabilities. also offers custom design and short run print
orders. Prices start at $9.99 and print products range from business cards to flyers, brochures to custom magazines. The group states their mission is to create a brand on a budget for companies and professionals of all sizes using the unique print-on-demand and e-commerce services. Local delivery is included in the final prices. The site also allows home-based businesses and professionals to link up to their market-portal. The site powers independently-run shops as well as syndicated and corporate stores, ability to do business online, including storefront development, site hosting, order management, fulfillment, secure payment processing, and quality customer service. Businesses can open a free shop with no upfront costs and no inventory to manage, according to the press release.
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